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These podcasts are comprised of new and existing material. These are provided for your listening and education only, and are not for repackaging or retransmission.
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Other podcasts that are worth your iPod space:

The Lee Show: half an hour of music you don't hear just anywhere, homegrown music, weird covers, trivia, and Richmond-area rock'n'roll history.
Inside Mac: even if you don't have a Mac (though you should), this is industry news worth listening to.
The Dorktones: obscure pop music and some truly strange commentary.
Thomas Edison's Attic: from WFMU, this is a voyage into cylinder and disc records played on their original windup equipment.

We don't host these podcasts, we don't control them, we're not responsible for them or whether their feed works, etc. If you have a complaint, tell it to the man in the moon or something. We can't help.

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